According to the Diff display you are insanely productive!
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#1: No icon According to the Diff display you are insanely productive! Author: CodeBuzzardLocation: Brandon, Florida PostPosted: Fri May 28, 2021 5:27 pm
It says there were 300+ changes in 18,882 files. That was against 3.0.0. to 3.0.1 what are you a robot?

How is this possible, it would take a lot of people working togethor at once to even access that many files in that short of period of time.

I'm trying to wrap my head around the Diff display I'm looking at. Can I ask how it is that you have done this much work that fast?

I make a suggestion and 5 days later it's done and sometimes in the same day.

Do you eat or sleep? I bet you shit code!

What you're doing seems humanly impossible unless your an alien is all I am saying!!!!

I keep noticing little things that were wrong just disappear without me even saying anything. I figure I will let you finish working on the shit I have already griped about and as Iam watching you work on the code I talked about, in between I see other problems and errors just vanish along your way without me even brining it to your attention.

I say it is indeed some very strange shit to watch a human work at your pace!!! I hope you don't spontaneously combust ROFLMAO -> PHP-Nuke Evolution Xtreme Developer Feedback

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